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Air Conditioner Replacement in University Heights, OH

Do you Know How to Tell if You Need a Replacement? You do Now!

In an older model in a duplex, the upstairs unit was working but the downstairs unit was not. The customer reported hearing a screeching noise outside. He also said he could hear the unit trying to power up but the fan was not turning. The system was more than 20 years old so he decided he wanted it replaced.

Do you want to be left without an air conditioner this summer? Probably not. That’s why you should recognize the signs of an air conditioner that needs to be replaced. Hearing odd noises is only one; here are some others:

If your system needs frequent repairs
If you notice that the temperature inside is inconsistent
If the system can’t keep up with the temperature set on the thermostat
If the unit is 20 years or older
If your energy bills are constantly going up

Think you need a replacement? Call Arco today so we can help keep you cool all summer long.

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