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Boiler Replacement in Hunting Valley, OH

How is your boiler holding up this winter? These record low temperatures can take a toll on any heating system — when the temperature is lower, boilers have to burn more fuel and work harder in general to reach the temperatures you want. Doing that long enough can cause your boiler to experience wear and tear, inefficiency, and even complete heating failure.

Now is the time to request professional boiler replacement from Arco Comfort Air. Having a higher efficiency boiler will carry you through the end of this winter and for many more winters to come — you’ll
save money month over month and be more comfortable and cozy.

But how do you know for sure if your home requires boiler replacement?
Check out some of the most common signs that your boiler is on its last legs.

Do any of the following apply to your own heating system?

3 Signs of Boiler Disrepair
Here are some simple and easily visible signs that any homeowner can check for on their own boiler device. If you notice any of the following, call Arco for boiler replacement today.

Puddles Around Device– A boiler that leaks is generally a boiler that has efficiency problems. Plus, leaks can cause water damage to your home — if allowed to escalate, they can result in total boiler failure
and even flooding!

Bad Smells– When the fuel burning from your boiler is contaminated or your device is starting to experience mold and mildew growth, the result can be poor (and even dangerous!) indoor air quality.

Noisiness– Few old boilers are completely silence, but if you start to hear banging and clanging that generally means there is something broken in the device.

What Causes Boiler Failure?
The main two factors that reduce the life expectancy and efficiency of boilers are pressure and corrosion.

Over time, rust sets in on the exterior and interior of your machine and causes the moving parts to experience symptoms of wear and tear like the three mentioned above. Hardness in your water
(meaning a higher than average mineral content) can also shorten the lifespan of your device by causing scale build-up to occur in the machine.

When the water pressure in your boiler reaches excessive levels, it causes issues with the function of your unit and can even result in leaks and internal damage. If you experience any of the above problems with your boiler, call the boiler replacement experts at Arco Comfort Air for service today!

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