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Consultation Requested for a New Outdoor A/C Unit in Kent, OH

With a Mitsubishi Multi-Zone System, You Can Control the Temperature in
Different Areas of Your Home.

A customer living in a split-level house wanted information on a Mitsubishi
unit. She was asking how much this type of system would cost to install.
We told her that we would first need to send a technician out to her home
so that we could measure the dimensions and see which rooms she needed
to be cooler than others. These and several other factors determine how
much this type of sophisticated system will cost.

She said the two bedrooms downstairs typically stayed cool while the upstairs
bedrooms were often miserably hot. This is actually quite normal in homes.
Because heat rises, you can have as much as an eight-degree difference
in the two areas. If your thermostat is set at 70 degrees, the coolest
it may get upstairs could be 78 degrees.

The Mitsubishi multi-zone system allows users to control different zones
in their homes with a remote control.
If you are interested in getting a quote, call Arco. We’ll send someone
to your home and provide a thorough analysis so we can give you the best
quote possible.

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