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Customer in Orange, OH Purchases New HVAC System with Arco’s Everyday Financing!

As with any other appliance in your home, eventually your furnace will grow old, wear out, and break down. While repairs can keep it running, after a while it’s generally a smarter idea to simply replace your furnace outright with a brand new system. When getting your heating solution replaced, you’ll have lots of different choices of brand names, models, and even types of heating systems you’d like. While most people choose to install a furnace or heat pump, we strongly recommend customers in Ritchfield and the entire Cleveland area consider installing a hybrid heating system.

A hybrid heating system combines your furnace and air conditioner into one single bi-directional heat pump system as opposed to a typical HVAC system that combines a furnace for heating with an air conditioner for cooling. “But wait,” you might ask, “Don’t air conditioners have a heat pump already?” You would be correct. Air conditioners run on a heat exchange system that relies on a heat pump and refrigerant to extract heat from one area and move it to another. In the case of your air conditioner, it extracts heat from the air inside your home and then gets rid of it outside. However, while air conditioners do have a “heat pump,” they can only run in this one direction. A hybrid system heat pump can run in both directions—reversing the process that your air conditioner runs on extracts heat from outside and uses it to heat your home and keep you comfortable during the winter.

In warmer weather, the heat pump in a hybrid heating system performs the same function as an A/C unit to keep your home cool. In the colder months, the heat pump reverses direction and works to heat your home. By using the same system for both heating and cooling purposes, you reduce your carbon footprint, use less energy, and produce far less waste, all of which are far better for the environment. Not to mention they also save you a tremendous amount of cash.Hybrid heating systems are even more advanced than that, however—they also rely on cutting-edge technology to monitor and adjust for temperature changes. This allows these systems to adjust and you comfortable while minimizing energy consumption. Plus, their ability to accurately distribute the heat throughout your home (or cool you evenly during summer) is produced by direct current motor-based fans, which are a more energy efficient alternative to PCS motor-based fans.

Hybrid Heating Systems Save You Money! How much energy can you save?

Energy surveys of customers who have replaced conventional HVAC systems with a hybrid heating system have saved anywhere from three to four percent on their energy costs annually, and that goes even higher with higher-SEER systems that are even more efficient.

Let’s put that into perspective: the average American home used approximately 10,800 kilowatt-hours or energy in the year 2015, per US Energy Information Administration statistics. The average residential electricity rate in Cleveland is about 11.4 cents per kilowatt-hour, which means that over the course of a year, the average homeowner pays $1,230 for electricity. A savings of just four percent saves you around $50 per year, and that number only grows from there. Some customers have saved hundreds of dollars per year on their energy consumption!If you’re considering replacing your furnace, Arco Comfort Air can perform an energy-savings and cost-analysis that compares a new hybrid heating system to your home’s current heating and cooling equipment.

You can find out exactly how much you could save by switching over to one of these new, efficient heating solutions, both in terms of energy costs and in terms of your carbon footprint. Switching over can help you use less energy, which means less fossil fuel reliance and a more sustainable future for the planet! Schedule your furnace replacement consultation with our team by calling Arco Comfort Air at (216) 230-5117 !

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