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Dual-Fuel Furnace Systems in Beachwood, OH

One of the most efficient types of furnaces is a dual-fuel system. At Arco Comfort Air, we provide several different models of dual-fuel furnace systems in Beachwood, OH. Overview of Dual-Fuel Furnace Systems in Beachwood, OH A dual-fuel system works in much the same way as does a hybrid car. A hybrid
car runs on electricity until the vehicle gets to a certain speed or needs more power, when it will then run on gas. A dual-fuel system combines the efficiency of a heat pump with the power and reliability of a furnace to maximize performance while minimizing energy usage.

An estimated 30 percent of homes in the United States use a heat pump for heating and cooling. Most heat pumps are used in the southern portion of the U.S., because those areas rarely have freezing temperatures. In these climates, a heat pump is great for pumping heat in or out of a home
when the temperature is moderate. However, they are rarely used in northern climates because they are too expensive to run during winter.

However, a dual-fuel system uses a heat pump attached to a furnace. The combination allows a user to switch between the pump and furnace depending on how cold it gets outside.
Benefits of Dual-Fuel Furnace Systems in Beachwood, OH When the temperature is only moderately cold (most people in Northeast Ohio would probably define “moderate” as 35-50 degrees), the heat pump can provide sufficient warmth to a home without having to work excessively hard. The pump, when the temperature is moderate, can provide heat for less than the cost needed to start a furnace. When the weather becomes very cold, that’s when the furnace takes over.

Dual-fuel systems are more efficient, and can save money in the long run. They run about 20 to 25 percent more than traditional systems, but they typically pay for themselves in about five or six years due to lowered energy bills.
The reason bills are lowered is that heat pumps transfer heat rather than make it, such as do furnaces. A pump can typically transfer 300 percent more energy than it consumes, under ideal conditions.
Because a dual-fuel system is so energy efficient, you may be able to qualify for tax credits as well as rebates. Call us at Arco Comfort Air and we will let you know. Deciding if a Dual-Fuel System is Right for You in Beachwood, OH

If you are considering the purchase of a dual-fuel system, we can help you decide if it is practical for your home. If you would like, we could perform a thorough heating load analysis of your home to make sure whatever system you are considering is the right size. In addition, we will let you know whether a heat pump may be compatible for use with your present furnace, or if you will need a new unit.

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