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Ductless HVAC System Installation in Chagrin Falls, OH

Zoning Capabilities Allow You to Have Improved Comfort in Your Home

A ductless system is perfect for supplementing your existing heat source by placing just one unit in your main living space. And it works the same as a regular air-source heat pump would – transferring atmospheric heat from outdoor air and pulling it inside for heating in winter, or absorbing indoor heat and pushing it outside for summer cooling.

Ductless systems consist of one outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor air-handling units, and serve as a highly efficient zonal heating and cooling option for your home.

HVAC systems without the use of ducts are probably something you don’t know a whole lot about, so you may be curious as to what you will gain when you have a ductless system installed. Well, we can help with that.

Benefits of Going Ductless
Heating and cooling in one: You won’t have to worry about an air conditioner AND a furnace. A ductless system comes standard with an air conditioner so you have year-round comfort.
Easy, low-cost installation: Because ductless by definition don’t require expensive ductwork, the installation is very hassle-free and can normally be completed in just a few days.

Monthly savings: Ductless systems heat and cool homes for a fraction of the cost of baseboard and wall heaters.

Quiet operation: As mentioned earlier, ductless systems have an indoor and an outdoor unit. This allows for all of the loud components to be installed in the outdoor unit instead of the indoor, making operation much quieter.

Zoning: Why spend tons of money heating/cooling rooms when no one is in them? With ductless systems, you have the option to individually heat or cool the areas that you want, when you want.
Increased all-around comfort: With zoning capabilities, these systems distribute temperature more evenly and efficiently throughout your home than traditional heaters do, making all of your living spaces more comfortable.

Think a ductless HVAC system is for you? Call Arco Comfort Air today for service in Chagrin Falls or surrounding areas.

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