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Is Your Upstairs Hotter Than Your Downstairs in the Summer?

Yes, warm air rises. Unfortunately, it is hard to change this law of physics. However, there are a few ways to combat this phenomenon to make your second floor cooler.

“Heat rises and it’s something a lot of homeowners battle,” says Roseann Cyngier, a Comfort Consultant at Arco Comfort Air “The upstairs of a home can be brutally hotter than the downstairs. If that is a problem you’re facing, it’s usually an air distribution issue and we can help minimize the problem with better air blending within a room.”

Are you battling a hot upstairs in your home this summer? Get the right solutions for your home’s upper level by calling our team of experts at Arco Comfort Air today: (216) 230-5117 .

Tips for Solving Upstairs Heat

When it comes to dealing with a hot upstairs, you should always consult a team of professional HVAC experts first. Even after you notice a difference in the upstairs climate, you may still want to consider a few extra adjustments that are easy for any resident to make. Here are three tips for keeping your upstairs cool:

1.Reduce the Use of Light Fixtures

When a light fixture is turned on, the bulbs tend to emit heat in the room and add to the rising temperatures. One way to try and avoid this is to limit the amount of time in which the light is turned on. One of the best parts about summer is the ability to enjoy natural light longer. If you can, reduce the amount of time you use lights upstairs and you might notice a difference in the air.

2.Shade Your Home

While it might not seem super inviting to your neighbors across the street, closing the blinds located on windows directly facing the sun could help diminish the amount of heat that makes its way into your home.  It’s also important to go around and make sure all windows are properly sealed.

3.Install a Dehumidifier

Sometimes, the problem isn’t so much as the heat as it is the humidity. Anytime your home is just as humid as the air outside, it’s a problem. One of the best ways to prevent humidity from overtaking your house is to install a dehumidifier. In order to do so, you should consult with a professional HVAC technician. Arco Comfort Air will be able to aid any homeowner by providing them with the best system fit for their humidity problems. The best part? We’ll even help you install it! Click here for more information on dehumidifier installation in your home!

Upstairs Heating Solutions

The summer heat can bring a lot of discomfort to households with more than one story. To effectively combat upstairs heat you should always consult with a team of heating and cooling experts. Around-the-house adjustments can be helpful but working with a team like Arco Comfort Air will provide your home with sufficient cooling solutions.

Start your journey towards a cooler upstairs environment. Contact Arco Comfort Air today to schedule an appointment!

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