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Return Air Vent Installation Canton

Keep Vent Unclogged to Prevent Comfort and Furnace Problems
Return air vents are a necessary component for every home that uses forced hot air for heating. The vent’s sole purpose is to return colder air to the furnace so that it will run properly. They aren’t just
used with furnaces, though. Typically, when you have a central air conditioning system installed, return air vents will be put in as well.

Here’s how it works:

When warm is air forced into a room, it replaces the cold air that was previously there. If the cool air can’t go anywhere, the room becomes over-pressurized. Forced air vents prevent this. The cold air goes down the vent, back to the furnace, and is reheated. It works as a cycle. Without the vent, the cycle would be thrown off, and your home wouldn’t be as comfortable.

They may just look like ugly vents on the floors and walls, but they are actually really important to keep your HVAC system alive and to keep you and your family healthy.

Why You Need a Return Air Vent

They prevent the buildup of pressure in the system which can lead to health problems.
They also prevent mold and mildew.
Return air vents reduce the chances that the system will deteriorate due
to moisture buildup.
Keeps the warm air cycle going smoothly.

Many homeowners are unaware of the importance of these vents, which is why at Arco Comfort Air we’re here to fill you in. Performing some simple maintenance tasks – like removing the grille and vacuuming
inside the return register – will help a great deal in keeping the furnace working properly. If the vent were to become blocked or clogged, you may notice a change in comfort levels and/or your heating system working sluggishly.

If you choose Arco for your HVAC system installation, we can install these
return air vents at the same time. Trust us – if you have forced
hot air or a central air conditioning unit in your home, you don’t
want to be without them. Call us today!

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