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Ways to Style Your Hair During Humid Weather

It’s spring in Ohio, and that means heat and humidity are on the horizon. And for those who truly care about their hair, humidity brings dreaded conditions that cause frizz. If your hair is hard to control in humid weather, you don’t have to sit there and suffer. There are several styles you can adopt for yourself which help to hide or manage the frizz and keep you cool and comfortable.

Wear Your Hair Up

Do you have long hair? This is arguably the hardest hair to control during the hot and humid conditions of spring and summer in Ohio. Frizz is real for those with long hair, and that means wearing your hair up might be your only option. Braids and ponytails can help you avoid the frizz, or at the very least hide it and keep it looking organized and under control. Experiment with something new—there are all sorts of modern updos to keep your hair looking great without the stress of frizz.

Get a Buzz Cut

Alternatively, having long hair can simply get too hot, and dealing with the frizz may be something you just don’t want to deal with. Getting a buzz cut is a great way to solve all of these problems at once! Buzz cuts may also be impacted by humidity, but your hair will be so short it won’t even matter! Buzz cuts are popular haircuts for both men and women alike these days, and partial-buzzes are even in style for many people. If you’re looking for a new look, or you simply have let your hair grow out for a little too long, buzzing your hair short may be your go-to way to stay cool.

Wear a Scarf

So you don’t want to deal with the time required to braid your hair and wear it up, but you also don’t want to buzz it all off? There’s another easy solution—wear a scarf! Scarfs are popular fashion accessories during spring because they hide the frizz from humidity, and can match nearly any outfit you might be wearing. Sun hats are also popular for those warm days, or even just a regular ball cap. In any case, a hat or scarf can keep your hair under wraps, hiding the frizz and keeping you looking great.

Get an Indoor De-Humidifier

Alternatively, you could simply style your hair however you’d like and not have to worry about frizz by investing in whole-home de-humidifier from our Cleveland HVAC experts. Let’s face it—indoor humidity does way more than simply make your hair hard to control—it can have some serious ramifications on your health and your home as a whole. High levels of indoor humidity can damage your walls, drapes, and carpets by allowing mold to take root and grow, it makes towels and other water spots difficult to dry out, and it leaves you feeling sweaty and sticky without any sort of relief in sight.

If you’re like most people, you prefer a home that’s full of dry, clean, and refreshing air with reduced humidity that keeps you comfortable. While your air conditioner does a lot to control the humidity level in your home, springtime in Ohio can really crank up the humidity to immensely high levels. It’s not uncommon for your system to need a little bit of extra help, and that’s where a whole-home de-humidifier comes in.

To learn more about adding a de-humidifier to your HVAC equipment, call Arco Comfort Air, LLC at (216) 230-5117 !

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