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Why Cleveland Duct Cleaning is so Important

Did you know that the air inside of your home is actually dirtier than the air on the outside? Up to 5 times as many problematic substances can be found inside of our homes than in the city streets!

It may be difficult to believe, but it’s true — and the more pollution happening on the
outside of the building, the more likely it is that the air inside is heavily contaminated. What sort of contamination are we talking about?

The following particulates cause allergies, odors, and uncomfortable breathing
air in too many Cleveland homes:

VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
Pet Dander

These particulates irritate our eyes, noses, and mouths, make breathing uncomfortable, and cause our homes to be less healthy than they should be. Outside, the UV light from the sun’s rays cleans the air and
makes it livable, but the insides of our homes don’t have this natural benefit. As a result, contaminants find a home on our surfaces, in the air we breathe, and —most frequently — in the ventilation
of our home.

When dust, dirt, dander, and other allergens have become trapped in your ventilation, they get blown around through your air whenever the heat or air conditioning systems get turned on. The ventilation of your home extends to every room, making it impossible to escape the mess!

How can you solve the problem of dirty ducts?

The Arco experts have the answer.
Choose Arco for Cleveland Duct Cleaning

Here in Cleveland, air pollution tends to range from medium to high depending on wind speeds. Indoor air pollution is an entirely separate issue — and it can be solved with professional duct cleaning from Arco.

Our licensed and insured professionals can perform state-of-the-art air vacuuming and
cleaning to give you:

Cleaner, Healthier Air
More Efficient Temperature Control
No More Allergies or Long-Lasting Colds

So why live with stuffy air and high utility bills from an HVAC system that isn’t functioning properly? The Cleveland duct cleaning experts at Arco can help! Call Arco to schedule safe and environmentally friendly
duct cleaning today!

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