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4 Common Causes for Leak Repair in Beachwood, OH

Okay, you’ve got your flight booked, bags packed, and adrenaline rushing through your veins—it’s time for a summertime vacation! And, hey, you deserve it. You work hard. But before you go through with those vacation plans, you may have to take care of one major problem: pipe leaks. Yes, while you may be ready to chill out this summer, nothing can quite disrupt your fun quite like a pipe leak. You can’t simply ignore it either. It can cost you tons of money, which makes leak repair in Beachwood, OH all the more important.

Fortunately, Arco Comfort Air is here to provide you with repair services that will help you enjoy your summer a bit more. We don’t want to see our customers have to deal with leaky pipes all summer either, and that’s why we’re always available to provide service. Our team is fully-trained and licensed to handle even the most urgent leak repair, so never hesitate to call us once you suspect there is a pipe leak soon to wreak havoc on your home.

Leak Repair in Beachwood, OH: What Causes Your Pipes to Leak?

You may be wondering what on earth causes pipe leaks in the first place. In that case, here are 4 causes commonly encountered by our team of plumbers:

Clogged Drains: A clogged drain can do more damage than just prevent you from using a fixture. Pressure from the clog can put pressure on the pipes, causing leakage. The clog may grow so severe that it can also permanently damage your plumbing system. Regular drain cleaning from a professional at Arco Comfort Air can prevent this problem from worsening and certainly keep pipes from leaking.

pH Levels in Water: If you have copper pipes in your home, a pH level of older than 8 can cause corrosion. Any level higher than 8 will usually form a protective copper oxide film that works to slow corrosion. However, a lower pH level can reduce that protective barrier and leave it more susceptible to creating pinhole leaks that can damage walls and floors.

Tree Root Intrusion: Tree root intrusion in pipes can be incredibly difficult, especially since it mainly occurs underground. Once older pipes begin to deteriorate, small leaks of vapor will begin to spring out, which attracts tree roots to grow and causes clogging within the pipes, resulting in leaks.
Water Pressure: The pressure of your water can have an impact on your pipes, sometimes for the worst. Water that makes sudden changes in pressure can heighten the risk for pipe leaks, especially if your current piping isn’t durable enough to withstand it.

Contact Arco Comfort Air today for leak repair in Beachwood, OH that will save you money and help you get back to enjoying your summer in no time!

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