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What Is The Best Option For Heating My Home?

The best way to heat your home really depends on your personal circumstances. Depending on the area that you’re living in, gas heating may be more or less expensive. Though, in general, we think that it is safe to say a gas furnace will most often be the cheapest option.

So it’s practical to have a gas furnace installed. Many installers will try to set you up with a unit much larger than you need, so it’s not a bad idea to do some research and find out the size of HVAC system that will be most suitable for your home. A larger central heating unit won’t help heat your home any better than the an appropriate sized one, and you will only end up paying more for the installation.

Having said all that, it’s also important to learn about what you can do to stay warm outside of just cranking up the thermostat. It may be the simplest option, but it isn’t cost effective, and it’s not going to help you get any closer to building up that savings cushion.

Heat yourself, not your entire house. Keeping your own body warm is going to be a lot easier than keeping your entire house warm. Of course, we understand that no one wants to walk in from a snow storm and get all unbundled just to have to put on another three layers before sitting down to relax. But heating your house to the point where you can lay around in your underwear is going to cost you, so you do have to prioritize.

We suggest keeping your thermostat set at a low, but reasonable temperature, and then using things like electric blankets, space heaters, and big comfy sweaters to give you the extra heat you need.

Use the ceiling fan. We know, turning on the ceiling fan seems like the last thing you’d want to do if you were trying to generate some heat. Bear with us, this is actually a pretty cool tip. If you’ve ever had to hang a ceiling fan yourself, you might remember seeing a small switch on the side of the fan. They’re usually not labeled, so if you are anything like us you didn’t give it a second thought. Well, that little switch actually changes the direction that the fan blades spin. 

Here’s where the trick happens. Move that switch so that your fan blades are rotating in a way that pushes the air up instead of down, and make sure to turn the fan to it’s lowest setting so that there is no chilly wind. Since heat rises, the heat that is trapped in and around the ceiling will be circulated down to the floor, where it will be more effective in keeping you and your family warm.

Only heat the rooms you use most often. Don’t worry about the rest of the house. Using space heaters to stay warm in bedrooms, bathrooms, and the living room is a good way to do this. The only down side to heating only certain rooms, is that it requires you turn off the central heating unit. Simply blocking off singular vents in specific rooms can actually damage your air ducts, and even the furnace itself. But think of it this way; with your HVAC unit turned off, there’s less of a chance for it to break and need a repair!

Most importantly, try not to stress yourself out. Staying warm in the winter season is going to cost you some money. There are ways to lessen the expense, but unless you take drastic measures, heat isn’t free. Just do the best you can to save your cash, and when the worst happens and your furnace needs a repair, know that you can always call Arco Comfort Air. Our goal is never to break your bank. We want you to be comfortable in your own home, and part of that is making sure you aren’t spending copious amounts to keep your family warm.

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