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5 Warning Sings You Need A Furnace Repair

Furnace repair should be your first priority this season if you want to ensure your heating needs are met before the worst of the winter weather arrives. Imagine getting stuck in the cold during a frigid winter night. That may happen if you don’t seek furnace repair soon enough, so it’s best to pay full attention to the signs of a problem. One of these signs are odd noises coming from the system. The average homeowner may not think all that much when their furnace begins making noises. However, shrugging them off may prove to be an unwise move. Those odd noises may indicate a serious problem within the system and if you don’t get them fixed soon, it may be costly. The average cost of furnace repair today hovers around $268, with some repairs costing up to $400. A large repair can take a significant amount of money out of your savings. It’s even worse if you need furnace replacement, which may cost you thousands of dollars just to get a new system in your home. You also need to know each sound indicates a different problem. A lack of knowledge on what each sound means may be your downfall, especially when it comes time to explain your furnace problems to a professional.

Why Should You Call Arco Comfort Air?

Arco Comfort Air should be your first choice for heating service this season. We have a team of dedicated heating technicians available to assist with your every need. We don’t want to see you and your family get stuck in the cold this winter either, and that’s why we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your happiness. Our technicians can handle a wide range of repairs. Even if you think you have a furnace problem that’s too obscure to handle, think again. Our technicians will find the right solution no matter what. Since we’ll provide you with greater insight into the inner workings of your heating system, you will be able to quickly identify the problem and call for repair service. You will also be able to clearly communicate your problems to one of our technicians so they can provide you with the durable repairs needed to ensure your furnace no longer makes a peep. Best of all, you can expect greater comfort throughout the winter and not worry at all about a sudden furnace breakdown.

5 Common Furnace Sounds

Furnaces shouldn’t be musical, so it should be an immediate concern they begin screaming and hollering. While your furnace can hit all sorts of noises, these 5 are definitely ones that will make you want to perk up your ears:

Clicking: A clicking noises means that the spark igniter of your furnace is attempting to ignite the burners or pilot light, but it is not working. The ignition system must be energized in order for your system to work. Only then can the gas valve open, the furnace burners light up, and the furnace blower come on and start blowing hot air into your home. There could also be issues with the thermocouple, which opens a gas valve to the furnace burner a flame sensor that opens a gas valve to the furnace burners when it detects a pilot flame. It could also be that the gas valve is not energized. If there is no gas, there will be no ignition. If the gas valve remains shut, there will be nothing to ignite.

Booming: Do not ignore booming noises from your furnace. Most likely, delayed ignition is the source of the problem. This can actually end up causing severe damage to your furnace and burning you as well if you do not take care of it right away. What basically happens is that when your thermostat requests heat from the furnace, which will then cause a gas valve to open and send gas to the burners of the furnace. This will cause gas to build up within your furnace to continue to build up until it finally causes flames and explosion in your furnace. That is where the booming sound comes from.

Screeching: A screeching noise will most likely indicate that there is an issue with the motor bearing or the belt. Though perhaps not as dangerous as other noises, you may need to make a larger repair the longer you wait to get it fixed, thus costing you more money on repair.

Rattling: Rattling noises are a sign of parts coming loose. The rattling itself is often due to components are banging against each other. It is also possible that a rattling noise can mean that there is a leak in your heat exchanger. This can be much more dangerous, as it can result in carbon monoxide infiltrating your home.

Chirping: Typically, chirping sounds indicate the unit is warming back up from a long period of sleep. Usually, in these cases, the noise goes away when the furnace has been on for a few minutes. However, if you observe that the chirping sounds are still occurring even after several minutes, please call for furnace service to have the problem inspected.

Don’t Get Caught In The Cold – Schedule A Furnace Repair Today

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