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Ask Our Hunting Valley Heating Contractors: How Can You Maintain Your Furnace?

When it comes to furnace maintenance, nothing can compare to the work done by professional Hunting Valley heating contractors. But you don’t necessarily have to sit back and allow the pros do all the work, even if it’s ideal. If you’re a more independent soul, you most likely want to tackle furnace maintenance on your own. However, without any advice, you may find yourself lost and wind up damaging your furnace instead!

And if you’re looking for a service company who can show you the right way to maintain your heating system, please call Arco Comfort Air. Our team of heating experts are here to teach you on how to successfully maintain furnaces on your own.  Thanks to our many years of service, we know much important it can be to have a reliable, long-lasting heating system, and we’re always ready to any advice for our customers. Our main goal as a service is to see you with heating for this winter and plenty of winters to come!

Our Helpful Furnace Maintenance Tips!

If you’re unsure just what to do with your furnace, please follow these helpful maintenance tips:

Clean or Replaced Filters: Your furnace filters are primarily responsible for maintaining a steady flow of warm air, but they can become overwhelmed by dirt and debris. While our Hunting Valley heating contractors can help you with this, you can clean or replace filters on your own.
Vacuum the Furnace Interior: Your household appliances can also play a role in maintaining your furnace, particularly your vacuum. Open the furnace door and take the long snorkel attachment to vacuum the base of the furnace and the gas burners. Make sure to vacuum the smaller, hard-to-find areas of your furnace that would otherwise be missed.
Check Your Fanbelt: It may be time to replace the fanbelt of your furnace if it’s experiencing cracking or fraying. Also check the belt tension by pushing down on it to check the tension. If it deflects more than 3/4, tighten the belt by loosening the attachment bracket.
Lubricate Moving Parts: If your furnace is older and has a motor without permanently sealed bearings, the bearings will need to be lubricated or else the bearings will soon become stuck. Just drop a few drops of household oil into the oil spot to keep parts moving. However, do not over oil by any means.
Check Burner Flame: The flame of your burner’s flame should always be colored blue, but always check to see if the flame is yellow or orange. A yellow flame is indicative of carbon monoxide and needs to be treated immediately so the health and safety of your family isn’t at risk. Call our Hunting Valley heating contractors for help immediately.

Contact Arco Comfort Air today if you want to learn more maintenance tips from our Hunting Valley heating contractors!

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