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Number of Problems Can Occur With an Outdoor Unit Fan

This customer pushed the reset button on his outdoor unit’s fan. The fan would work while the button was pressed, but then the fan would stop when he took his finger off. Power was getting to the unit but it would stop running after about five minutes. While it was working, it wasn’t blowing as hard as it normally does. The unit was about seven years old.

Typically, this type of problem occurs because the fan’s selector switch is defective and needs to be replaced. There are several other issues, however, that can result in an outdoor unit fan not working.

Sometimes the blower motor is burned out.
If your fan blades do not spin freely when you try to move them, that usually means the motor has to be replaced.
The contacts inside the fan’s rotary switch may have become pitted and stopped conducting electricity. When this happens, the switch will have to be changed out.

Any type of an air conditioning fan problem needs to be handled by a trained technician. If you have this type of issue, call Arco today!

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