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Air Duct Cleaning in Akron, OH

Cleaning Out Your Ducts Maybe the Best Thing You do All Year

We responded to a call from a customer whose vents were showing signs of
dirt buildup. We performed a thorough cleaning and her air was once again
circulating throughout her home as normal.

You may have gone online to research whether or not duct cleaning was worth
it. Perhaps this blog post is what you found. And we’re glad you
did. Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, there are a multitude
of benefits that come with have your ductwork cleaned out.
We want you to know what they are:

If visible mold is growing within the heating ducts or on other parts of
your HVAC system, that could pose a health hazard to you and your family.
It will get rid of pests – like mice, rats, or insects – that are living in your ducts.
Much like this customer, it will get rid of all the dust and debris that
is clogging up the duct system. This will also result in a cleaner home because that dust won’t be spread around.

If you have smokers in the home or anyone with asthma, they would benefit
from having less pollutants in your HVAC system.
Duct cleaning would help clean out all the pet dander you may have in there

We hope you’re glad you landed on this blog post, too, and decide
to clean out your ductwork. If so, give Arco a call today. We’ll
be happy to help!

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