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Air Duct Cleaning in Gates Mills, OH

Cleaning Your Ducts Will Help Extend the Life of Your HVAC System
There’s a lot of back and forth on the internet surrounding whether
getting your ducts cleaned out is worth your time and money. Before having
any type of service work performed in your home, it’s only natural
that you do research. Because we believe that duct cleaning is beneficial,
we’re glad your research led you here.
Reasons to Have Your Ducts Cleaned

If you notice that you have visible mold growing within the heating ducts
or on other parts of your HVAC system that could pose a health hazard
to you and your family.
Cleaning them out will get rid of pests – like mice, rats, or insects – that are living in them.
It will get rid of all the dust and debris that is clogging up the duct system, resulting in cleaner air throughout your home.

If you have smokers in the home or anyone with asthma, they would benefit
from there being fewer pollutants in your HVAC system.
If you have pets that shed a lot of dander, duct cleaning helps clean all
of that out.

If you just remodeled rooms in your home, there’s probably a lot
of leftover dust that is stuck up in your ducts.

There are a lot of things that can cause your ducts to be clogged up with
dust and leaving them blocked is not healthy. So, besides having healthier,
cleaner air to breathe in your home, there are other benefits.
Benefits of Having Your Ducts Cleaned

Reduced allergies: With dust and debris comes sneezing and stuffy noses. By ridding your
ducts of all that gunk, you can prevent your family from developing dust-borne

Improved efficiency: Not only does cleaning your ducts help you have improved air quality,
but it also helps your heating and cooling system run more efficiently.
This, in turn, saves you money on utility bills while also extending the
life of your units. A well cleaned and maintained duct system is less
likely to cause your HVAC systems to break down or require expensive repairs.

Take our advice and get your ducts cleaned out today. Call Arco Comfort
Air so we can help keep your home clean, and your family healthy!

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