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Arco Comfort Air is Now Energy Star Certified!

Since the world around us is constantly advancing, we think of our experience in the heating and cooling field as a platform to build from, and we are building all the time. Which is why we are happy to announce that Arco Comfort Air is now Energy Star Certified!

Arco Comfort Air’s Energy Star Certification

As a company, have poured our hearts into our jobs. We are simply good at what we do, and we measure ourselves by our ability to keep you (our customers) comfortable and at ease in your own homes.

Now, in 2016, we have established ourselves as Cleveland’s local neighborhood heating, cooling, and air duct cleaning contractor. We have three generations of experience behind us, and we are certainly not new to the game.

All that being said, we can now call ourselves a certified Energy Star service provider, and we are proud to be a part of the solution to the problem of wasted energy.

Even though we have just been certified, Arco has always been conscious of energy usage, and we want you to be the same way! It takes the effort of individuals to come together and make a difference as a whole, so we wanted to give you some quick tips for saving energy, and money, just by some easy regular maintenance to your HVAC unit.

Tips on saving energy:

Check your air filter regularly. Think you might need to hire a technician for that? Hold the phone, Arco already has the solution spelled out for you. Check out our recent blog Reduce Allergens in Your Home with Simple Furnace Maintenance for step-by-step instructions!
Schedule tune-ups for your unit once a year. We’ve said it before; your furnace is like a vehicle. Without at least a yearly check-up, things are inevitably going to need fixing. Your unit will be at its most energy efficient when all the “bells and whistles” are working properly.

Switch to a programmable thermostat. For those of us who are out of the house often, a programmable thermostat allows us to save energy by altering the heat/cooling settings to best fit our busy schedules.
Cover the cracks! Whether we are talking about sealing air ducts themselves, or just covering openings around windows and doors, you will always be saving heat and energy by blocking off the cracks that would otherwise let all that heat and energy slip away.

Talk to us about installing a more energy efficient unit. Sometimes the old dinosaur furnace in the basement just can’t cut it. The goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible, and still be conscious of wasted energy. Arco Comfort Air is equipped to cover both of those bases and more!

We may not be able to single handedly solve the problem of wasted energy. But now Arco Comfort Air is honored to be a certified part of the solution. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and get yourself on the right track to being energy conscious at home!

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