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Benefiting from an AC Tune-Up

The time has come where it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. A lot of homeowners believe spring cleaning is meant to get rid of old stuff that’s piled up during the winter rather than an AC tune-up. However, maintaining your AC or heating system gets overlooked since we don’t always frequently check our AC system during the winter. We are more concerned with getting rid of old chores and cleaning around the house to get rid of dust that’s accumulated throughout the house. Nevertheless, spring cleaning should mean HVAC maintenance to make sure your heating and cooling system is running properly and efficiently for those potentially cooler spring days. Once the warmer weather hits and summer rolls around, that’s when your AC tune-up will benefit you the most and will go into full effect.

AC Tune-Up with ARCO Comfort Air

ARCO Comfort Air prides itself on maintaining high-quality customer service. We know what it means to keep your HVAC system up to date with our AC tune-up checks because we want all our customers to enjoy cool air when heat hits the area. It’s not just about the service with ARCO, however, because we also look to save our customers’ money when the time comes for a repair or replacement. A properly running and maintained HVAC system is one of the most important attributes to your home, especially when looking for comfort. Not only can you save more with an efficient and up to date AC system, but you will also have peace of mind knowing things were taken care of ahead of time. ARCO Comfort Air is fully prepared and ready, with our experienced technicians, to stop by and help service all your HVAC needs.

Risks without Having an AC Tune-Up

If you were in need of a tune-up for your vehicle, say an oil change, you wouldn’t delay, would you? The same should be said for your AC system. If you don’t have a consistent plan for conducting either a spring or even a fall HVAC maintenance check, you could find yourself at risk for a few things. You’ll waste money on utility bills because the system isn’t clean and is forced to work harder. The AC system may fail just when you need it most. And water line might become clogged, which causes major damage to your home since you didn’t have anything checked. A simple check could resolve all these potential problems for you.

What Comes with an AC Tune-Up?

There are multiple methods for conducting an AC tune-up. Here at ARCO Comfort Air, we cover the full spectrum and make sure everything is running properly for your system. To go more into detail, here’s what you can expect from an AC tune-up:

  • Clean and lubricated indoor components such as blower fans and coils. This will help the unit run efficiently, keeping your utility bills low.
  • AC refrigerant levels will be checked to ensure your AC is blowing cold air. If the levels are low, then that could indicate a leak in the system.
  • Air filter changed to help the unit run more efficiently. Will also keep dust and allergens down in your home.
  • Electrical connections will be tightened and inspected including the fan blades and motor for any damage.
  • Parts will also be lubricated by the technician if needed and safety devices will be inspected for proper operation.
  • Operation on all HVAC units will be checked to make sure everything is in peak running condition for the respected season.
  • Clean outdoor units, which means leaves, twigs, grass, dirt, etc. is removed that might have added up during the winter months.
  • Thermostats will be tested for proper operation, calibration, and levels to ensure your cooling system is the right temperature.
  • Most air conditioners have a drainage hole on the base of the cabinet. This hole needs to be kept clear, which is also part of an AC tune-up. This will ensure the system continues to work well. The technician will remove any obstructions during the inspection when they flush and treat the condensate drain.
  • And lastly, duct work will be inspected for any leaks.

What It All Means

Ideally, you want your AC system checked before the beginning of the new spring season. It’s a routine all homeowners should have. Preventative maintenance is nothing but a healthy trait to have for your AC tune-up. Not only will you be more prepared but you save more in the meantime and enjoy comfortable living no matter what mother nature throws your way.

Don’t struggle to stay cool once the warm weather shows up and call ARCO Comfort Air today for an AC tune-up!

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