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Boiler Service in Cleveland: When Should You Consider Boiler Replacement?

The phones at Arco Comfort Air have been ringing off the hook for boiler service in Cleveland. And with good reason too! As temperatures begin to cool down, Cleveland residents are relying on their boilers more than ever. However, just like other heating systems, boilers will run into problems that call for total replacement. Getting stuck with an old, faulty boiler is no fun, especially when the cold air during the fall and winter will seep into your home.

Fortunately, Arco Comfort Air can handle any of your boiler needs, especially when it comes to boiler replacement. Our boiler service in Cleveland is quick and efficient so you can go back to experiencing central heating and hot water in no time. We install Cleveland residents with the latest boiler model to keep the highest quality heating flowing in your home!

When is it Time for Boiler Service in Cleveland?

There are several new boiler models in Cleveland ready to provide you with top-notch heating, but when is it time to get one? Here a few signs you should know:

Unpleasant Odor: Do you smell gas or odor coming from your boiler? Then it’s time for replacement immediately. Gas or oil released into the atmosphere may not only be extremely hazardous to your health, but may also be a sign of a leak resulting in inefficient energy usage and additional expenses.  We recommend taking care of this right away.

Hot or Cold Zones: Are you feeling warmth in some areas of your home more than others? To be more exact, are you feeling warmth in some areas of a single room more than others? Then it’s a sign your current boiler is no longer able to heat all areas of your home and needs to be replaced.

Water Leaks: A leak, no matter how small or large, while not entirely detrimental to the overall boiler system, will more than likely increase your utility bills.  Leaks mean the boiler will need more oil or gas energy to achieve its heating goals.

Unusual Odors: Hissing noises could be a sign of uneven water distribution and might lead to eventual overheating.  They are also nagging sounds that may disrupt your home’s otherwise peaceful atmosphere. Whistling noises similar to that of a tea kettle are also means for concern.

Old Age: Boilers, like all plumbing systems, should be regularly maintained and adjusted for efficiency to ensure proper water heating. The average boilers will last 10 to 15 years, but any year past the single digits is means for concern as it can lead to your boiler becoming more likely to experience breakdowns.

Contact Arco Comfort Air today if you want boiler service in Cleveland, especially if you notice any of these signs!

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