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Ductless Units Make All The Difference

When it comes to cooling nowadays, ductless heating and cooling have been on the forefront of new installations. While the energy efficiency of ductless units is nice, they also include flexible options for installation. With a multitude of options in terms of heating and cooling, whether you decide to heat or cool a single room or zone a particular area, ductless units give you the opportunity to choose. For homes with already installed ductwork or minimal room for ductwork installation, going ductless is an optimal solution. That is why ARCO Comfort Air decided to explain to you how ductless units work and the benefits associated with it.

What Does ARCO Comfort Air Know About Ductless Units?

A ductless unit is a great way to replace your current heating or cooling system. Since they are so energy efficient, it helps to give you more opportunities and way to either heat or cool your home. Removing ducts also means you’re foregoing the need of loud, inefficient HVAC systems. Here at ARCO Comfort Air, we’re readily prepared to install these units for you. We care about how much money you’re spending on that utility bill, and our hope is to only cut it down. We pride ourselves on great customer service. Our company has reached the highest level of accreditation from the Mitsubishi Electric HVAC division, and it is with good reason. All our contractors are well-trained and experienced when it comes to the fields of heating and cooling. With reliable work and high-quality service, you can rely on us to get the job done right.

How Do Ductless Units Work?

There are two components with ductless units and systems. There’s an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor air-handling unit. Indoor air handling units are located on a wall, high up and mounted to avoid visibility. Thin copper refrigerant tubing connects both types of units, as well as electrical lines that run through your walls. When it comes to air conditioning, ductless units work by using refrigerant cooling to transfer heat from indoors to outdoors. It’ll take heat from inside the home and convert it to cool air. The cool air will then come back into the home through the air handling unit. Ductless units are reversible and work in a constant cycle. This means that they can either provide cooling or heating depending on the season.

What and Where are Ductless Units Installed?

There are tons of configurations with ductless min-split systems. One interesting thing to note is mini-splits can be reversed into a heat pump. Additionally, one ductless unit can heat a single room or zone within your home, while multi-units can take of other areas within your home. Ceiling cassettes, which is one of the types of ductless systems, is a great option for when space is limited. Another option is fan coils, which are installed in the ceiling and are used to generate air through the exposed grill. Another beneficiary of ductless wall units is the ability to adjust the temperature. Ultimately, you have complete control over your system based on whether you want to heat or cool a specific room. If there comes a time where you decide to add another room to your home, ductless units adjust accordingly.

Benefits of Ductless Units

Clearly, the biggest benefit of ductless mini-split systems is the unrequired ductwork. Removing ductwork and migrating to ductless units means you might lose only 5% of your cooling or heating. On the other end, with regular ductwork, you might see up to 40% in lost heating or cooling. Some ductless models have the highest efficiency rating compared to all other system units. And since ductless systems are mounted high up on walls and away from your windows, your home security instantly improves. Your window view will be unobstructed. For those of you who use air conditioning units in your windows, you understand how great this is. Once summertime ends and the cold weather starts to kick it, it’s not like you have to get rid of your air conditioning system for the rest of the year. Instead, you can use your ductless unit for a practically silent and efficient system.

Ductless units can you help you save more and live better – get started on an installation today with ARCO Comfort Air!

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