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Furnace Maintenance in Euclid, OH

A Check List to Ensure You Won’t be Cold This Winter
A customer called needing furnace maintenance because his current unit was not heating the home. And now is the perfect time to be thinking about that. You’ve probably heard the phrase “It’s tune-up time!”
and if you haven’t – you will. Before the chilly days of winter set in, having your furnace maintained is the smartest thing you could do.

There are ways to know if your furnace is failing on you completely, but
if you know it’s still in good condition and you want to keep it
that way, here are some things you can do to help.

Clean it: Dirt is the biggest enemy of your furnace causing it to waste fuel, lower efficiency, and sometimes even overheat. The three parts that need to be cleaned are the filter system, the blower, and the motor. The filter should be checked, or replaced, every 30 days.

Check to make sure the pilot light is burning: Many units need to be lit by hand, so if it’s out try following
the instructions to relight it. If you can’t, call a professional.

Check the flue for gaps or dents: In order for the unit to work properly, the flue has to have a clear
vent path to the outdoors.

Remove the flame shield: You do this because you want to check the burner for corrosion.

Check motion: You want to make sure they are clear of furniture, rugs, drapes, etc.
so that the air can flow freely.

Of course Arco provides furnace maintenance services, so if you would rather
have a professional come and do a full check-up call us today.

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