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Heat Pump Repair in Cleveland, OH

Seeing Ice on Your Heat Pump in the Summertime Not a Normal Occurrence

You should never see any sort of ice formation on the inside or outside of your heat pump when the weather is hot. This is an indication that you have a problem that must be addressed as soon as possible. Turn your pump off and call Arco.

Your system may have a broken blower fan that is preventing air from moving across the cooling coil, dirty coils, a defective blower belt or a broken thermostat. Any time that the coils cool down unevenly, icing can take place as moisture condenses on them. As the condensation increase, so does the formation of ice.

There are some steps that you can take, however, to reduce the chances that you will experience this issue. Make sure the area around the coil is kept clear of debris so that air can circulate freely. Also, make sure you either clean or replace your air filter regularly so that, again, airflow is not interrupted. Dirt and debris in the filter can also help contribute to icing.

Make sure that you all Arco as soon as you can today if your heat pump ever forms ice in cold weather.

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