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How to Finance Your Furnace Installation

Furnace installation is by far the most important thing to consider if you expect to enjoy the fall to its fullest extent. However, while a steady source of heat is absolutely essential this season many homeowners struggle with finding the right financing. The average cost of a furnace today is around $3,940. With a price like that, a homeowner may be asking themselves a few questions like “Where am I supposed to find the few extra thousand dollars like that? or “How else am I expected to keep my home warm during the colder months?”

These are valid questions, of course. After all, how else can you expect to enjoy life in your home during the fall and winter without a high-efficiency heating system? You can stock up on pillows and blankets all you wish, but they won’t nearly be able to provide the same amount of warm air as a furnace.  Even portable heaters won’t be able to provide you with the same long-term benefits or comfort quite like a furnace can provide. So while there seems to be no way around buying a high-priced furnace, there are plenty of financing options available to ensure you are not searching through the bottom of your wallet to pay for heating.

Why Should You Call Arco Comfort Air?

When you are looking for reliable heating, please call Arco Comfort Air today for high-quality furnace installation. As far as we’re concerned, life in your home this fall and winter with a reliable furnace that won’t cause worry over high heating bills isn’t something that should just be relegated to fantasy; it should be a reality. We can supply you with the latest heating system on the market and make sure your entire family is kept comfortable this season. Our team is comprised of fully-trained, licensed heating contractors who dedicate themselves to offering customer service. Even better, we will help you find the financing you need to get heating in your home that won’t cost you too much money in the long-term. Heating is a necessity, and we’ll make it so you do not have to spend a night in the cold ever again.

5 Common Features of Furnace Financing Programs

There are many financing programs available today to finance your new furnace. So much, in fact, that it may be a little confusing in deciding what program would be right for you. Here are 5 common features you’ll encounter with many programs:

  1. Lower Monthly Payments: The offer of low monthly payments may sound nice, but it will come at a price. The price is usually in the form of higher interest rates, although it’s still worth considering of you want to save money.
  2. Zero Monthly Payments: Zero down payments carry the same price as low monthly payments, except with even higher interest rates.
  3. Deferred Payments: If you have good credit, you will qualify for deferred payments. This allows you to not pay back the loan for 90 days or even a year. Manufacturers will promote deferred payments to their own benefit, they will be undoubtedly beneficial to you.
  4. No Prepayment Penalties: This allows you to pay off a furnace loan early and avoid paying high interest charges. It can prove quite beneficial and if you are seeking loans, you should make it a must.
  5. “No Annual Fees”: Be careful of promises like a “no annual fee.” Annual fees usually hover around a maximum of $200, and it may result in interest rates building up beyond your control.
    How Can You Pay for Your Furnace Installation?

In addition to programs, there are also now many ways you can pay for home heating systems, including:

Service Company and Manufacturer Rebates: Rebates will require you to pay for a system upfront, but they do carry long-term benefits. It will be pretty nice once you receive that check in the mail several weeks later.
Government Programs: If you are struggling to pay for a furnace, there are several state and federal financing programs for essential purchases. For example, if you install a highly-efficient heating system, these programs may provide special financing, rebates or other options. Also ask Arco Comfort Air for any available government programs.
Bank Loans and Credit Cards: If you have sufficient credit or home equity, you could qualify for bank loans and credit cards. You may also qualify for a collateral loan, where you will have to relinquish the title of a real asset in exchange for a loan, like a motor vehicle. However, you must be careful of the interest rates no matter which one you would choose.
Online Crowd Funding: Crowd funding sites like GoFundMe are proving popular in recent years. These sites will allow you to seek funding for practically whatever you want, including a new furnace. In return, you can also help out strangers and donate funds for their needs.

Don’t Let Your Finances Cause You To Miss Out On A Furnace Installation – Ask Us About Any Offers We May Have

Contact Arco Comfort Air today if you want to learn more on how to heat your home with our high-quality furnace installation!

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